Greater Life Baptist Church is full of members that love the Lord and are willing to serve Him.

New Life
for ages 0-2 years old. The nursery has workers available at each service to care for your little ones so you can enjoy the services with peace of mind that they are cared for in a God loving way. The workers are there to care for, change, feed, interact and teach the kids on their own level. Age appropriate toys are also in the nursery area for kids.

Good Life for ages 3-6 years old. This age group may be too old to stay occupied in a nursery type setting and are getting to an appropriate age to begin learning more about God. The workers in this class are loving and teaching these young kids about God in a way they can understand. The experience gained at this age is a great foundation for their life to begin a walk with the Lord.

Kid’s Life for ages 7-10 years old. This age group is more advanced but still may prefer not to sit through a normal church service. The workers for this age group create fun age appropriate activities to keep everyone engaged and learning about the Lord. A strong foundation at this age paves the way toward a child being saved by the Lord and being able to have their own relationship with God.

Wild Life for ages 11-18 years old. This age group is able to understand and absorb the word of God, yet still learns better in a smaller setting that can be more age appropriate. The Youth leader and workers have a very close relationship with this age group and strive to help them in any way possible. This provides a great setting to teach the young minds how the Word of God can be used throughout their life and fun activities for their age level.